• sportsman Neverland (CD, £10.75)

    label: Best Fit Recordings

    Stockholm-based musician Sportsman (real-name Per Magnusson) announces his long-awaited debut album 'Neverland'. The first single is ‘Running On A Beach’, an elegant slice of quasi-retro RnB, pairing fluttering synths and electronics with a luxuriant pop-tinged rhythm section. Cutting his teeth originally as a part of Malmö-based soul pop quintet The Sonnets, whose impressive tour schedule back in 2010 saw the band whisked to far flung destinations, gaining plaudits from the likes of Dazed, BBC 6 Music, and Vogue Italia along the way. When the time arrived for a moment of reflection upon the adventures endeavoured with the band, Magnusson embarked upon a soul-searching voyage, and it was in Kenya that the inspiration for his new project, Sportsman, would be blown into his path. Per named his solo project after a pack of cigarettes he found in the sand on a beach overlooking the Indian Ocean - and hasn’t looked back since. With Swedish Grammy Award-winning producer Johan Cederberg (aka HNNY) returning to assist on Sportsman's debut full length ’Neverland' — the initial, romantic and evocative vision of the project has been brought fully to life. Sportsman has never been a purely solo effort, instead it’s more of as a solo vision — executed by one inspired individual and a handful of carefully selected kindred spirits. Produced by HNNY and featuring a guest appearance from Those Dancing Days’ Linnea Jönsson. Tracklisting 

1. Always
2. White Shark
3. Cashmere
4. Baseball
5. Cheetahs
6. Neverland
7. Running on a Beach
8. September Air
9. Frank
10. Linnea
11. And Forever

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