• banditos Visionland (180g vinyl LP, £16.95)

    label: bloodshot

    "It's a roller coaster, alright, but one running off the rails. Banditos hop on for the ride, with a few psychedelics in their back pockets to help ensure a more vibrant trip." Rolling Stone. After spending much of the last two years on the road, relentlessly showcasing their critically acclaimed 2015 self-titled Bloodshot debut album, the six bandmates of Banditos regrouped at Plum Creek Sound Studios in Austin, TX and democratically poured out sonic influences and emotionally charged personal experiences for their new album, VISIONLAND. The Birmingham/Nashville based group's second full-length has one foot firmly planted in reality as the other tiptoes in and out of mental complexities, self-perception, and altered-state illusions. The results are revealing, exhilarating and profound. Like some sort of modern day, Southern-born version of The Band, some songs were written over years by a single member like the surfy jam "Lonely Boy" by singer/guitarist Corey Parsons, and others by a combination of players like the punk-garage-soul Stooges-meets-Velvet Underground churner "Fine Fine Day". The topics and styles range from heavy and emotional to light and simplistic, but throughout the Banditos always sound like themselves and always drive the nail deep into the groove. " Vinyl with download code.

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