• pop makossa  (double LP, £24.50)

    THE INVASIVE DANCE BEAT OF CAMEROON 1976-1984. An explosive compilation highlighting the era when funk and disco sounds began to infiltrate Cameroon's Makossa style. The beat that holds everything together originate's from the Sawa people's rhythms. When these rhythms collided with merengue, high-life, Congolese rumba, and, later, funk and disco, modern Makossa was born. Makossa, the beat that long before football, managed to unify the whole of Cameroon. Some of the greatest Makossa hits incorporated the electrifying guitars and tight grooves of funk, while others were laced with cosmic synth flourishes. 1Pop Makossa Invasion 2Yaoundé Girls 3Nen Lambo 4Sanaga Calypso 5M'ongele M'am 6Ngon Engap 7Ye Medjuie 8Mininga Meyong Mese 9The Sekele Movement 10Mussoliki 11More Love 12Africa

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