• kamikaze girls Seafoam (LP, £13.95)

    label: Big Scary Monsters

    Coming out of the UKs burgeoning and ever-developing DIY/punk scene, Leeds-based duo Kamikaze Girls are here to bring you their incredible new debut album - Seafoam. Continuing from their critically acclaimed Sad EP the band talk personally and candidly about the issues surrounding mental health, but also about moving forward in a more positive state of mind. Exploring wider musical influences from shoegaze, Riot Grrrl and fuzz pop, the whole result is a triumphant, important record. A giant leap forward in quality and substance, that while tinged with personal sadness, is a bold statement of moving forwards and onto new horizons. Tracklisting 

1. One Young Man
2. Berlin
3. Teenage Feelings
4. Good For Nothing 
5. KG Go To The Pub
6. Lights & Sounds
7. Deathcap
8. Weaker Than
9. Unhealthy Love
10. I Don't Want To Be Sad Forever

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