• insted Proud Youth: 1986-1991 (red vinyl double LP, £30.95)

    label: Indecision Records

    In their five-year existence, INSTED toured the States several times and developed a huge local following at home in Orange County, CA. They were one of the most prominent straight-edge bands of the late ’80s scene, playing old school hardcore with an ultra-positive message. This retrospective is packed to capacity with every song the band ever recorded, 45 tracks in all. This includes both of their full-lengths, their EP, and their original demo. In addition, there are five tracks that only appear in this collection. This record comes with a free digital download and, in addition to all 45 tracks, includes a 30-minute video documentary about the band as well as a 30-minute video of their entire set filmed at the Showcase Theater from one of their reunion shows in 2004. 1. One World 2. For The First Time 3. Better Days 4. Not For Me 5. Voice Your Opinion 6. Blind 7. Give Thanks 8. What Is True 9. No Rules 10. Age 11. Maybe Tomorrow 12. Seize Life 13. No Other Way 14. Reminder 15. From The Start 16. There’s Nothing Like It 17. Get The Most 18. Feel Their Pain 19. I Will Try 20. We’ll Make The Difference 21. Get The Most (alternate version) (previously unreleased) 22. The Challenge (previously unreleased) 23. Tell Me 24. United 25. Good Things 26. Choose For Yourself 27. Face To Face 28. Standing Still 29. Live And Let Live 30. Time To Change 31. Faith 32. Be Someone 33. At Last 34. State Of Confusion 35. Proud Youth 36. Be Someone (demo) 37. Choose For Yourself (demo) 38. Good Things (demo) 39. Time To Change (demo) 40. United (demo) 41. Proud Youth (demo) 42. Keep Right (demo) 43. Faith (demo) 44. State Of Confusion (demo) 45. One to Two (DAG NASTY cover)*. *LP-only bonus track

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