• timeworn Venomous High (LP, £15.95)

    label: Fysisk Format

    Second album from exciting new metal/ post hardcore band. The band is an angry hybrid of post-hardcore, metal and hardcore punk, with all that entails in terms of anger, dirt and harmonies. Heaviness tossed in your face, as if you are being swallowed by the Kraken, chased by Cthulhu or bruised a moshpit in the basement of a squat. The experience is certainly mixed and unique. Former band members have played in include Summon the Crows, Englemaker, Eskatol, Black Blood World and a bunch of other punk and hardcore bands. TRACKLIST 1. Measure of Gold 2. All Chiefs 3. The Trail 4. Black Peak Blues 5. The Infectious Gloom 6. Ur Syntax 7. Night of Owls 8. Traitors to the Crown 9. Venomous High

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