• pandemix Scale Models of Atrocities (CD, £7.95)

    label: boss tuneage

    Debut release from this highly acclaimed new band from Boston, MA.  This is the one the punk underground scene has been waiting for. PANDEMIX from Boston, MA were one of the best kept secrets up until a few months ago, when their “Pathological Culture” demo spread across the punk community and immediately started to resonate with people.  Following on from the reissue of that demo as a flexi EP on Boss Tuneage sub-label Flexipunk, bringing the band out to a further circle of people, here is the hotly anticipated debut album release.  Released to coincide with a string of shows in the USA , “Scale Models Of Atrocities” is everything you hoped the first PANDEMIX record would sound like, but then adds on those expectations and sky rockets them.  This isn’t just a debut, its an initial statement of intent for the future.  CD contains all the songs from the 12” vinyl version plus 2 bonus tracks taken from a 7” packaged in a wallet with booklet insert  TRACKLIST 1. EXIT STRATEGY 2. TWISTED THOUGHTS 3. FAULTLESS 4. A WALL 5. ANOTHER WALL 6. TOTAL IMMERSION 7. ALWAYS ALONE 8. NEVER BELIEVED 9. CONCEPTUAL FUCK 10. THE PORNOGRAPHY OF HOPE 11. RANK AND FILE - CD only 12. SECOND OPINION - CD only

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