• weapönizer Lawless Age (LP, £22.25)

    label: 20 Buck Spin

    Denver’s Weapönizer have existed since 2009, in that time unleashing several releases including a debut full length in 2012. In 2017 everything comes together for the band on their wild and unbound second album ‘Lawless Age’, their first in collaboration with 20 Buck Spin. While one can recognise a variety of metallic sub genre tags in the Weapönizer sound, from raw Black Metal to post-apocalyptic Thrash to Aussie War Metal to anarchic crossover - it’s all welded menacingly into an indestructible shining alloy of slashing American steel. A faster disaster with an often unrelenting pace, the tasteful yet crazed guitar solos and commitment to songcraft throughout make ’Lawless Age’ a celebratory and definitive vindication of underground metal’s continued relevance more than 30 years on. TRACKLIST 1. Malefactor 2. Hellbound 3. Vulture 4. Rattenkrieg 5. Lawless Age 6. Gangrene 7. Iron Clan Exiles 8. Temple Of The Iron Skull 9. World War 2

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