• nonn Nonn (180g vinyl LP, £15.95)

    label: Fuzz Club Records

    Swedenís long been seen as a leading output in European pop music but if you look a little deeper then you'll find itís equally rooted in the dark and obscure. Itís the latest offering comes in the shape of NONN - a brand new post-punk/coldwave project whose debut S/T album will be released on Fuzz Club. Born out of a cold, desolate winter in a corner of Stockholm, NONNís icy surroundings inevitably became a huge influence on these recordings - blurring the line between sharp, glacial post-punk and the industrial electronic sounds of the 80s. The tracks are influenced as much by Kraftwerk, Movement-era New Order and Suicide as they are akin to modern outfits such as label-mates The Underground Youth and Throw Down Bones. Tracklist: 1) Walls 2) Lost 3) Stay 4) Gone 5) Cold 6) Need 7) Hills 8) Time 9) Fear 10) Wait

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