• yndi halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss (LP, £19.50)

    label: Burnt Toast

    Drowned In Sound said, "The contemporary musical landscape is littered with only a handful of genuinely moving acts… From the US we've had Explosions In The Sky; from Japan, Mono; and now England proffers its listening public Yndi Halda, a quintet capable of stirring the soul in a fashion unfelt since Mogwai's 'Helicon' days. The above trio are touchstones for sure, but Yndi Halda's violin-led approach isn't at all derivative of a particular predecessor; at times echoes of acts past become apparent, but never do these tiny divergences from everything unique upset the rhythm of Enjoy Eternal Bliss, a four-track EP on paper but an hour-plus album in practice. Already a stunning live act, Enjoy Eternal Bliss confirms this five-piece's position as Britain's finest on-record purveyors of modern instrumental rock. Tracklisting 1. Dash and Blast 2. We Flood Empty Lakes 3. A Song For Starlit Beaches 4. Illuminate My Heart, My Darling!

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