• blue grass champions, rock revival ltd. & moody five / das louis shampton trio Blues-Rock Festival / Beat Club International (CD, £12.25)

    label: Gearfab

    These two - complementary - exploitation albums, originally issued in Germany in 1970, compile tracks from late '60s budget LPs which were credited to (fictional) acts s.a. Brother T. & Family, Automatic Blues Inc. and Ten O'Clock Bubble Gum Train. Despite the variety of band names, all the songs were recorded by the same group of musicians, featuring (ex-) members of Hamburg-based bands The Tonics and German Bonds. If you fancy a catchy blend of old fashioned hard rock, blues rock, psych and prog, you're likely to enjoy this two-for-one CD-reissue immensely. Teutonic exploito rock at its very best, presented in a miniature LP sleeve!

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