• soporus Windscale Pile No. 1 (CD, £11.50)

    label: Burnt Toast

    Soporus was founded as a side-project by Saxon Shore's Matthew Stone and William Stichter and focuses on their shoegaze-inspired, ambient drone instrumentals. Their catalog is informed by ideas of memory, family, and humanity's attempts to harness nuclear power, as evidenced through many of their song and album titles, including their newest, Windscale Pile No. 1, referencing the UK's worst nuclear accident. the titular tracks show Soporus at their most elegantly composed (Pt. I) and generative (Pt.II), with remaining tracks serving as a noisy and melodic Tracks: Windscale Pile No.1 Pt. 1 / A Clear View Of Three Mile Island From On Top Of Governor Dick Tower / Ahmadi Roshan / An Elegy For Voyager / Windscale Pile No.1 Pt.1

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