• sidewalk society Strange Roads (coloured vinyl LP, £14.75)

    label: Fruits de Mer Records

    Sidewalk Society come from Long Beach, California – so what on earth are they doing remaking an album of late-60s demos that were hailed as lost classics when they were reissued in the early 1990s? Well, they hinted at what they had in store in 2016 with their four-track EP for Fruits de Mer featuring covers of songs originally by The Action and by David Bowie, but this is what they were building up to - the complete Action LP 'Rolled Gold' recreated with love, flair, style and a whole load more love. Guitarist Dan Lawrence, bass player Dan West, and drummer Jerry Buszek all love the Reaction Recordings release of Rolled Gold, and they were curious where the music could take them artistically. Soon after everyone replied with a “Why not?” they started brainstorming how to approach it with love and the utmost respect. The ultimate goal was to reimagine the songs, which, at the time, were basically unreleased demos recorded by The Action between 1967 and 1968. With little to no production on the songs in their original form, there was a lot of room for interpretation. The intent was never to try to complete or somehow improve this now-cult classic but to apply the passion the band members have for the era to the music, and make it their own. The result is an impassioned take on the material that holds true to Sidewalk Society’s signature sound. It's a remarkable collection of songs and Sidewalk Society do them proud - every one recorded with style; it's sheer class from beginning to end. There's probably not another band outside the UK that has the same ability to get under the skin of songs from English bands of the 60s and reinterpret them with such care and quality. The LP contains: 1.Come Around 3:01 2.Something To Say 3:48 3.Love Is All 3:51 4.Icarus 3:11 5.Strange Roads 3:59 6.Things You Cannot See 3:05 7.Brain 2:38 8.Look At The View 4:25 9.Climbing Up The Wall 2:50 10.Really Doesn’t Matter 3:07 11.I’m A Stranger 3:01 12.Little Boy 3:54 13.Follow Me 3:02 14.In My Dream 3:52

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