• green circles Black Vinyl Heart (17-track CD, £8.95)

    label: biff bang pow

    Green Circles! A year or so ago, two friends got together to play songs they loved. They met two others of like mind and the Green Circles were born. After a few rehearsals pretending to be the Creation or the Vibrants, they started to write their own material. This meant that at their debut gig they had one whole original to play. The applause was addictive. So they decided to write another one. And another. Soon they had lots of their own songs to mix in with their favourite beat numbers. Since then the word has been spreading like honey on a crumpet - with regular live shows, radio airplay and magazine and website articles. With a desire to tour the rest of Australia and the world - keep an eye out for the Green Circles in your neck of the woods.

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