• le beat bespoke vol. 7  (LP, £10.75)

    label: detour

    As well as a collection of rare and unissued tracks from the Golden era "Le Beat Bespoke" is an international festival every Easter in London. This is volume seven of this popular series and like its predecessors LBB7 is restored and mastered to the highest standard. The selections are sequenced like a fast-moving DJ set featuring current dancefloor hits, new discoveries, unreleased gems and an exclusive Dr Robert remix. The songs in this collection are obscure underground sixties club sounds overlooked on release but revered by DJs, dancers and collectors today. Dr Robert first tests these discs out at London club night the Mousetrap where the cool and curious gather for nights of hip-shakin’ fun, once satisfied they have passed ‘The Mousetrap test’ he starts spinning them on his DJ adventures. Some of these songs have made it onto this album for your dancing, listening and partying pleasure! I hope you get as much pleasure out of them as I do. - Rob Bailey April 2017. Vinyl version has 16 tracks. FEATURES 1. I Know - Dan Nix & The Teen Sounds 2. Won't You Say Yes To Me, Girl - Chuck Conlon 3. Can't Tell You - The Fabulous Depressions 4. Situation Sad - Finnigans Wake 5. If I Didn't Love You Girl - Travis Pike's Tea Party 6. Polka Dotted Eyes - The Snaps 7. Face The New Day - The Sound Track 8. Too Late To Kiss You Now - The Cords 9. Hold Back The Sunrise - Ron Gray 10. Norwegian Skies - Bill Eucker 11. Noone Knows The Day - Paragraph Music 12. Time - Jocelyn Joyca/Dr Robert Remix 13. He Means So Much To Me - Marilyn Mattson 14. The Day Is Hard - The Wrench 15. Such A Good Thing - The Showmen 16. Saying Things - Mike Burnett

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