• phoenix foundation Closer (LP, £12.50)

    label: boss tuneage

    For fifteen years, THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION have proved time and again to be the best Finnish melancholic melodic hardcore band! Taking not only inspiration from their countrymen MANIFESTO JUKEBOX, but a big influence from the likes of HUSKER DU, LEATHERFACE and early POLITICAL ASYLUM, “CLOSER” is their brand new album, their 7th – and best – so far – and this time is released on vinyl .  The band are well-known throughout the underground punk rock scene all over the world and share members with other Finnish punk bands including 1981, KIELTOLAKI, and more..  Vinyl version of the seventh album from the melodic Finnish hardcore punks.  Band celebrate their 15 year anniversary in 2017.  TRACKLIST A1. Down Below A2. In My Heart A3. Once Upon A When A4. Closer B1. With You In Here B2. I Still Believe In You B3. Promises Kept And Broken B4. All These Questions

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