• witch vomit Poisoned Blood (mini-LP, £18.50)

    label: 20 Buck Spin

    The subtly-monikered Witch Vomit from Portland, OR offered THEE obscure gem of the 2016 Death Metal underground with their A Scream From The Tomb Below full length.  Many took note, and now 20 Buck Spin offers the first bloody taste of a new partnership with the band in the ‘Poisoned Blood’ MLP.  Offering four new tracks + intro over 20 minutes, put simply, ‘Poisoned Blood’ is one of the most brutal recordings to come out of the Northwest in recent memory.  Ranging from blasting Deathgrind, foul Finnish obscurity and liquified cannibalistic necromancy, the riffs on this MLP bubble up like slimy green rot leaking from crypt walls.  Scorching Northwest Death Metal, currently the best scene for Death Metal in the US.  Shares members with fellow Portland bands Torture Rack and Triumvir Foul.  Eye-splattering cover art by Matt Stikker.  Mastered at 45 RPM for maximum mangling.  TRACKLIST 1. Intro / Doomed In The Realm Of The Dead 2. Circle Of Blood 3. Accursed Temple Of The Great Deceiver 4. Fevers Of Torment

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