• carlton melton Hidden Lights (mini-LP, £12.75)

    label: Agitated

    San Francisco tripmakers-supreme Carlton Melton return with a 25-minute-plus three track EP for Agitated Records, their first release since their widely received 2LP "Out To Sea" in 2015 and indeed the accompanying 2016 RSD "Aground" 12" release.. Hidden Lights is the first missive from recent recordings undertaken once again at El Studio with the watchful engineering and collaborative help of Phil Manley (Trans AM / Lifecoach / Fucking Champs).. Phil throws in some slinky guitar moves that help make the Carlton Melton Magick Karpet soar…. John McBain (Evil Acidhead /Monster Magnet/Wellwater Conspiracy ) also guests on guitar, and has once again mastered the ’Melton’s sike-adelic-drone to perfection… Released on 500 12”s. Take a trip to the hidden lights..immerse… 500 COPIES ONLY.

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