• alison o'donnell Climb Sheer the Fields of Peace (CD, £10.75)

    label: Mega Dodo

    Born in Dublin, Alison O’Donnell made her first single, 'Feeling High' for SNP's Simon Napier Bell and David Hemmings at the age of 15 with the cult folk‐rock band, Mellow Candle. The band appeared in concert with the likes of Genesis, Thin Lizzy, Donovan, The Chieftains and Steeleye Span. They signed to Decca's Deram label in the early 70s and gigged their album 'Swaddling Songs' in Ireland and Britain. In the mid 90s their highly collectable vinyl album achieved critical acclaim and is now ranked as a folk rock classic. In recent years, Alison has collaborated with a number of bands including United Bible Studies, Mr Pine album, The Fieldmouse Conspiracy, contemporary electronic psychedelic band Big Dwarf and 'Songs From The Black Meadow', Compilation, (Black Meadow Song). Alison’s new album, Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace, is a collaboration with Dave Colohan and mixes folk with electronica with remarkable effect. Acoustic guitars and snaky synths combine with O’Donnell’s vocals to send shivers down the backbone. TRACK LISTING Sylvia’s Deadbolt (2.51) / Green of Heart (4.17) / In the Snowmelt (4.32) / Hunting Down (3.48) / The Road We Know (2.01) / Swans They Are A-Feeding (4.17) Pathways (3.49) / Memorial (4.57) / Redbreast in a Rowan Tree (1.50) / Sleeping on Strange Pillows (4.05) / An Empire in its Glory (4.20) / The Pull and Drag Blues (4.48)

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