• brandos Los Brandos (LP, £20.75)

    label: Blue Rose

    They owe their name to their love of Marlon Brando. Their fans know them as one of the most vital American live rock bands of the 20th century's final decades. THE BRANDOS, known for timeless classics like "The Solution" and "Gettysburg" and their straight and true rock sound, come back with a new album after a ten-year hiatus. Frontman/guitarist/songwriter Dave Kincaid has been working for months on the follow-up to Over The Border which was released in December 2008 (after an eight-year wait). It seems like Kincaid will not let himself be rushed while he's working in his Staten Island home studio. In early 2015, Kincaid perked some ears with his Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for an upcoming Brandos album. The campaign won him $26,000 which he used to expand his studio. On his Facebook page Kincaid kept friends and supporters updated about the recording process. A release date on Blue Rose Records was set for December 2015 but by September it became clear that it would not be met. One year later, Kincaid posted a picture of himself with a multitude of instruments. More months went by with studio work when the organisers of the Blacksheep Festival near Blue Rose's headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany asked in November 2016 whether the Brandos would be available for a June 2017 show. Maybe this kind of incentive was needed in order to finish the album. Thus, Dave Kincaid is more focused than ever on finishing the album entitled Los Brandos, their seventh studio release, 30 years after their successful debut Honor Among Thieves - possibly a good omen for the reawakening of the Brandos. Kincaid writes about the new Brandos lineup: "The lineup of the band for the upcoming tour: myself of course, up to my usual antics, Tommy Goss (Thomas Goss) on drums/vocs, Frank Giordano on guitar/vocs, and Sal Maida on bass/vocs. For my part, this is a killer lineup, and I'm very much looking forward to getting out there and rocking it with these guys." Vinyl version comes with download code.

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