• lurkers 5 Albums (5 CD boxed set, £19.95)

    label: Beggars Banquet

    Beggars Arkive release a box set by pioneering British punk band The Lurkers. The Lurkers were the first ever band on Beggars Banquet and the whole label history boils down to their existence.  Formed in West London in 1976, they are one of the most notable bands of early UK punk and within eighteen months the band had 5 UK Top 75 chart singles with appearances on Top Of The Pops.  This 86 track box includes their two Beggars Banquet albums (‘Fulham Fallout’ and ‘God’s Lonely Men’), all of their singles and 9 demos, 21 BBC session tracks and the Pete Stride / John Plain album ‘New Guitars In Town’ (the first time on CD).  Now cult icons, their early singles have been noted over the years as being punk classics. Henry Rollins included their debut album ‘Fulham Fallout’ as one of his 20 favourite punk albums in LA Weekly and Mojo included their ‘Just Thirteen’ single in their list of Best Punk Rock Singles Of All Time.  “The name of our band is The Lurkers because that's what we are... we're all a bunch of temperamental so and so's. But we won't conform to anybody’s fashions. Before the Lurkers I was playing jazz... this New Wave thing came along and I was crazy on it. We all were because we thought it was genuinely outcast by society. But it’s all just another fashion.” - Esso (Sounds, June 1978).

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