• uv-tv Go Away (4-track 7", £6.50)

    label: Emotional Response

    Hot on the heels of widely acclaimed debut LP “Glass” (Deranged Records) Florida punks UV-TV follow up with an ultra-hooky catchy revved up pop punk assault. Supercharged melodic-pop songs, played with the feverish ferocity of some of the best DIY hardcore of right now. UV-TV comfortably straddle many genres, C86, post-punk, shoegaze, with a pop sensibility that denies their youthful years, sounding like The Shop Assistants on steroids. Rose Vastola: Vocals, Bass / Ryan Hopewell: Drums / Ian Bernacett: Guitar, Vocals. 1. Go Away 2. It’s Dead 3. Violent Days (Screaming Sneakers) 4. Really Stupid (The Primitives)

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