• ocean party Beauty Spot (LP, £17.50)

    label: Emotional Response

    Australian pop heroes The Ocean Party are pleased to release their seventh album. After their 2016 release Restless the band once again took to writing new material while touring and shaping the next full-length entrant to their oeuvre. Beauty Point arrives a year later and showcases the shifts in the lives and inspirations of The Ocean Party over that time. Recorded in two parts Beauty Point began to be realised in a week of sessions at a house/studio in Stanwell Park N.S.W. The beautiful cliff side location was contrasted by the albums final sessions which took place in the bands inland hometown of Wagga Wagga. This time the location was on top of Beauty Point Drive - the towns central lookout. As an album created very much on-location the band found the two environments painting a dichotomy in their work from two very different perspectives of beauty. Beauty Point balances moments of introspection with visceral expression as themes of identity, belonging and significance are brought into the light by the shared perspectives of the bands six songwriters. Track list: 01. The Great Divide 02. Dust Clears 03. Crisis 04. Memorial Flame Tree 05. More To Run 06. Quite Life 07. Quality Control 08. Runaway 09. Concrete View 10. Strike 11. If I Blink 12. Concrete 13. Cracked And Shattering

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