• ethereal riffian I AM. Deathless (CD, £12.95)

    Ukrainian riff mongers Ethereal Riffian release 'I AM. Deathless'. The EP consists of two similar compositions, which complement each other. The musicians create a atmosphere that gets more and more intense, with a juicy multi-instrument sound. 'I AM. Deathless' seems to be an illusion, some short-term phenomenon, which disappears, but leaves a residue. Expect a psychedelic/stoner lump of emotions that's spiritual and aesthetic. "Consisting of two tracks, “Drum of the Deathless” and “Sword of the Deathless,” the EP harbors the best of what Ethereal Riffian do so well—invoke majesty and reflection through immense rhythms, monastic vocals, a keen balance of light and dark, and a robust supernatural atmosphere" - Evan Mugford [metal-observer.com].

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