• nick grey Thieves Among Thorns (CD, £6.50)

    label: Hand/Eye

    "Thieves Among Thorns" features Nick Grey, Jasmine Pinkerton & Nicholas Davis (from the semi-romantic act Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra). This new collection of songs, stripped bare of the Orchestras usual members, reveals a quieter, sadder aspect of their work, and was recorded after Nick dreamed of commiting suicide with a Bible in a Geneva first-class hotel. As a result, Thieves Among Thorns is all about forlorn piano lullabies, insecure percussions and torpid classical arrangements, eerie ballads and numbing rythms, terminological inexactitudes and sleepy hyperboles. Ten desolate tracks where Nicks laptop arrangements and quiet, inconsolable vocals interweave with pianist Jasmine Pinkerton's eastern-Europe sensitivity and Nicholas Davis' precise guitar. A sound shaped by various failures, breakups and periods of intense doubt : perfect for heartbreaks and codeine addicts.

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