• merzbow Hyakki Echo (Compact Vinyl, £9.75)

    label: Dirter Promotions

    Brand new release from Merzbow, which sees a totally new direction for this true innovator. Whatever you may have expecting, this will surprise and thrill. With much more of a foot in free improvisation, than the more traditional psyched out extreme “noise” that you may have come to expect, this is a masterpiece in experimental music. The format should surprise and intrigue too. One side is a 3 minute piece that is a vinyl record, the other a full length CD. The package comes with the necessary adaptor you need to play the vinyl side. The set is packaged in a die cut sleeve; all artwork is by Masami Akita. It is available in limited quantities and is bound to sell out very quickly.Tracks are: CD Side: 01. Hyakki Echo Part 1 02. Hyakki Echo Part 2 03. Hyakki Echo Part 3 04. Hyakki Echo Part 4. Vinyl Side: Amadare Guitar. N.B. This disc must not be used with a “slot-in” CD player

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