• spirit valley Negatives (180g white vinyl double LP, £23.95)

    label: Fuzz Club Records

    Limited to 300 copies, in gatefold cover. Spirit Valley are a psych duo based in Amsterdam and are the latest addition to the ever-growing Fuzz Club family. Their second LP sees their pulsing dance-floor-ready psychedelia blur the line between the dark fuzz of The Black Angels or Dead Skeletons and the post-punk/new wave croons of Joy Division and The Chameleons. Tracklist: 1) Donít Panic 2) Dileria Hysteria 3) Waiting For Real 4) Negatives 5) TNNLVSSN 6) Heatwave 7) Chronic Youth 8) Vacational Mind (Where Is My) 9) Spheres

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