• dealing with damage Don't Give In to Fear (4-track 7", £7.25)

    label: boss tuneage

    This is the debut single by DEALING WITH DAMAGE. Although the band is new, the personnel are not, having been involved within the punk and underground scene for over 30 years! The band features Ed Wenn (Ed Shred) of STUPIDS, SINK, BAD DRESS SENSE, BIG RAY, CHOCOLATE, K-LINE, BILLY NO MATES and more teamed up with his K-LINE counterparts James Sherry (DONE LYING DOWN, DESPERATE MEASURES, K-LINE) and Rich Matthews (GRAND CENTRAL, K-LINE) with Paul Grier on bass. “DON’T GIVE IN TO FEAR” features 4 hardcore punk blasts which, as you would expect from the people involved, has a prominent DC hardcore influence. The DEALING WITH DAMAGE story starts here! TRACKLIST A1 SPEEDING UP A2 LOST SOUL B1 HATE CAN SET YOU FREE B2 JANUARY

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