• manu ferrón Medalla de Otro (12", £10.95)

    label: Acuarela

    Known for his co-leadership in the Spanish indie all-star band Grupo de Expertos Solynieve, his adaptations to Spanish of Italian maestro Franco Battiato, or his collaborations as a songwriter (for Enrique Morente’s daughter Soleá or Los Planetas), Manu Ferrón has followed a labyrinthine musical and personal path in order to write and sing the lyrics found in this new record. With this third release, the Mini-LP (12”) “Medalla de Otro”, Manu Ferrón and his band take a step forward to prove that effervescence can have the vocation of continuity. Or preferably, that in between pure art and craftwork, there is a third way which is as productive as it is nutritive, a melodic and emotional path which finds itself side by side with Guided by Voices and Vainica Doble, just in between Light Heat and The Box Tops. Tracklist: 1 No es el fin/ 2 Con la primavera a cuestas/ 3. Según parece/ 4. Dos telediarios/ 5. Lo rápido o lo lento/ 6 Y ya

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