• orchids Who Needs Tomorrow... A 30 Year Retrospective (double CD, £10.95)

    label: cherry red

    Formed in Glasgow in 1986, the acclaimed indie band The Orchids recorded a string of now highly sought after singles, and three acclaimed full length releases, Lyceum (1989), Unholy Soul (1991) and Striving For The Lazy Perfection (1994) for the cult independent label Sarah Records. Following a split in 1995 at what some perceive to be the height of their career, the band reformed in 2004, subsequently putting out two further highly regarded albums – Good to be a Stranger (2007) and The Lost Star (2010).  To celebrate their 30 year anniversary, Cherry Red have worked together with the band to create this package containing the best of The Orchids’ previous material, plus a full CD dedicated to the band’s rare and unreleased tracks. The set includes demos, alternative acoustic versions, radio performances, flexi disc singles, a cover version, and an old EP favourite - Underneath The Window, Underneath The Sink - specially re-recorded just for this release, all selected and fully overseen by the band members themselves.  The collection represents the recording career of The Orchids since their first physical release in August 1987. Present are 38 songs recorded in 11 different locations on 2CDs and featuring 4 different line-ups of the band. Although The Orchids, in all of their different line ups, have always been seen as a five piece ensemble, this collection features 19 musicians in all.  Whole package fully remastered, with previously unreleased material sourced direct from The Orchids’ collection of past recordings.  Includes booklet containing background and recording information related to every one of the included tracks, plus liner notes/revealing insights from ex-BBC radio DJ John Cavanagh and The Orchids’ producer and ex-One Dove band member Ian Carmichael.  DISC ONE: THE BEST OF… 1. APOLOGIES 2. DEFY THE LAW 3. WHAT WILL WE DO NEXT 4. IT’S ONLY OBVIOUS 5. CAVEMAN 6. SOMETHING FOR THE LONGING 7. LONG DRAWN SUNDAY NIGHT 8. PEACHES 9. BEMUSED, CONFUSED AND BEDRAGGLED 10.THAUMATURGY 11.OBSESSION #1 12.A KIND OF EDEN 13.STRIVING FOR THE LAZY PERFECTION 14.ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT 15.SHE’S MY GIRL 16.THE GIRL AND THE SOLDIER 17.THE WAY THAT YOU MOVE 18.HEY! SOMETIMES 19.SOMETHING’S GOING ON 20.WE MADE A MESS / DISC TWO: RARITIES 1. FROM THIS DAY 2. MY SACRED 3. IT’S ONLY OBVIOUS (ACOUSTIC VERSION) 4. WHITLEY BAY (DEMO) 5. AND WHEN I WAKE UP (DEMO) 6. THIS PATIENCE IS MINE (DEMO) 7. WELCOME TO MY CURIOUS HEART (ACOUSTIC VERSION WITH PAULINE HYNDS) 8. YOU COULD DO SOMETHING TO ME (ACOUSTIC VERSION) 9. MAGIC IN HERE 10.THE LOST STAR 11.LES SPECTACLES DE LA FOIRE (DEMO) 12.PLACA SAN SEBASTIÁN 13.I JUST DON’T CARE 14.AND I PAINT A PICTURE (DEMO) 15.ONE LAST CIGARETTE (DEMO) 16.UNDER CLOUDS, UNDER STARS, UNDER A LENS, UNDER CARS (DEMO) 17.OOH WEE! 18.UNDERNEATH THE WINDOW, UNDERNEATH THE SINK (2017 VERSION)

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