• bro. valentino Stay Up Zimbabwe / Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution) (turquoise vinyl 12", £23.50)

    label: Analog Africa

    Bro. Valentino, a.k.a. Anthony Emrold Phillip, began his illustrious career in 1961 in Port Of Spain, Trinidad. In 1966 he established himself as a professional entertainer, performing at Lord Kitchener's well known 'Caravan' calypso club. Inspired by the Black Power revolution of 1970 he became more socially and politically aware, and started singing on behalf of the poor and downtrodden. As a result of this he was dubbed "The People's Calypsonian". At the end of the heady and tumultuous 1970's, with the echoes of the Trinidadian revolution still strongly reverberating, Valentino penned his two most commercially successful calypsos, 1979's 'Stay Up Zimbabwe' and 1980's 'Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution)'. Both songs are presented on this record. Comes in silkscreened cover. One time pressing of 1,500 copies.

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