• last resort A Way of Life: Skinhead Anthems (CD, £8.50)

    label: captain oi

    The first ever release on Captain Oi! and still one of the strongest selling titles.  This was originally released in 1982 and reached No.6 in the then important Independent Charts.  Features the track ‘King Of The Jungle’ from the National Top 75 compilation “Carry On Oi!”.  To this day “A Way Of Life” remains THE Skinhead Oi! Album.  Vocalist Roi Pearce still leads a version of the band.  TRACK LISTING 1. FREEDOM 2. SKINHEADS IN STAPRESS 3. REBELS WITH A CAUSE 4. KING OF THE JUNGLE 5. WE RULE O.K. 6. CHANGING 7. LIONHEART 8. ROSE OF ENGLAND 9. VIOLENCE IN OUR MINDS 10.RESORT BOOT BOYS 11.RED WHITE AND BLUE / BONUS TRACKS 12.STORMTROOPERS IN STA PRESS 13.KING OF THE JUNGLE 14.RESORT BOOT BOYS 15.OI! OI! SKINHEAD

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