• televisio Televisio (LP, £19.75)

    label: Ektro

    Art is easily transformed into politics of ownership of ideas. It is about the populist bourgeoisie releasing lawyers to demand - by force if need be - the ownership of artistic innovations and ideas to themselves. Applying their arbitrary fiscal and intellectual overpower, they make sure their demands are fulfilled. As a result, the underdog artists are ultimately left to resort to stealing their own work. Sonic artists drifting on the fringe of conventional popular music will also have to adopt the cryptic means of street art in order to veil the true significance of their work, its presence, from the artistically illiterate institutions and organisations to avoid being trivialised into numeric and biographical travesties of iconographic trivia, which are foolishly used to justify corporate ownership of shapes and forms once considered universal - such as stripes on sneakers or fragments of melodies that prompt musical interpretations. Not only will this impose constrictions on creativity but also huge economical risks for individuals working in arts. The corporate protectionism leads to impoverished memes and genome alike as the human being disappears in the dark yard of kindergarten. Ektro Records releases the debut album of avant-electro band Televisio (name changed) in 2017. Line-up: I. Larjosto = synths, drums J. Lehtisalo = synths.

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