• cave in Perfect Pitch Black (LP + 7", £22.25)

    label: hydrahead

    Includes bonus 7" of previously unreleased Cave In songs. After being briefly churned through the major label mill via RCA from 2002-2005, Perfect Pitch Black was Cave In's return to Hydra Head Records. Not only was Perfect Pitch Black a reminder of Cave In's roots, it also captured a band that was still interested in exploring and more than capable of conquering. Songs like "The World Is In The Way" and "Paranormal" are a perfect combination of erudite indie rock and troglodyte sludge. Beyond the band's overall development, Perfect Pitch Black is an interesting document of the individual members' personal evolution. Guitarist/vocalist Steve Brodsky hints at both the solo material he'd begun to pursue on "Down the Drain" and the audacious metal of his future project Mutoid Man with the monstrous rock shuffle of "Trepanning". Caleb Scofield's bass takes on the prominent role he'd later incorporate into Zozobra on the low-end-mongering "Droned". Guitarist Adam McGrath and drummer J.R. Conners hint at the proto-grunge bombast they'd later employ in Nomad Stones on songs like "Screaming In Your Sleep". As much as Perfect Pitch Black was touted as a return to form for Cave In, hindsight views the album as both excitingly complex and engagingly refreshing. Yes, the metal attributes had returned, but the band was exploring a multitude of new sounds as well. And furthermore, the album is perhaps the most fitting nexus of the stylistic forays taken by the individual members over the years. Hydra Head Records is proud to re-introduce this record with a vinyl reissue.

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