• fitness forever Tonight (numbered LP, £17.50)

    label: elefant

    Calling an album full of Italian-disco "Tonight" is a total declaration of intent. Without mercy. Carlos Valderrama and company's third album doesn't let you rest for even a second. Blood, sweat, and tears on the dance floor. Syncopated rhythms, instrumental exuberance, unforgettable melodies. Fitness Forever's first album in 2009, "Personal Train" was nourished by great composers, both Italian and classic (Ennio Morricone, Nico Fidenco, Burt Bacharach). There was the soft-pop inspiration of the second album, "Cosmos" from 2013 (Paul Williams, Marcos Valle, Serge Gainsbourg), and now there is the dark, classical names from the Italian-disco tradition scratched from the shelves of the most intrepid music lovers (Number One Ensemble, Kano, Le Streghe, Eva Eva Eva, Alberto Radius, Adriano Pappalardo, Enzo Carella, Franco Califano, Filipponio). All wrapped in a dose of the current and contemporary, and the ambiance you can find in bands like Justice, The Go! Team, Metronomy and Daft Punk. Collaborators this time include Kidsaredead front man Vincent Mougel, Paulita Demaíz (Papa Topo), and Anna Jean of Juniore. Somehow, Carlos Valderrama's work as a DJ these last four years can be seen in the conception of an album that looks straight at the dance floor without blushing and without batting an eye; an album that will set the tone every night that we go out on the town. Vinyl is a limited edition of 500 plus download.

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