• la bien querida Fuego (CD, £11.50)

    label: elefant

    Every time we begin to listen to a new La Bien Querida album, we are faced with the question of what we are going to find this time, because we know that it's going to be something completely new and different from what we have heard up to now. The title of this new release is "Fuego" (fire, in Spanish), which corresponds to the south, to red, to summer, to the heart - the fire of passion, of love and hate, the fire of the spirit and intuition. "Fuego" is a kind of self-reconfiguration, a rediscovery, because musically there is a bit of everything we already know, but transgressed: the purity and insolence of "Romancero", the Latin and tropical fusion of "Fiesta", the electronic force of "Ceremonia" and the mournful darkness of "Premeditación, Nocturnidad Y Alevosía". Ana explains: "The melancholy that seeps out of my songs always includes a positive side. I have tried to see the bright side, the glass half-full. This album talks about the desire that defends life, pleasure self-fulfilment, freedom." Many of the songs show this melancholy and something of the crooner spirit of Scott Walker, Dusty Springfield, or Lana Del Ray; elegance and emotions running high. But there's also pure pop here and shades of Depeche Mode influenced electronic pop. This is a new step in a journey toward making Ana Fernández-Villaverde's songs the journey of our lives, told through emotions and feelings.

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