• akira kosemura In the Dark Woods (LP, £18.95)

    This album is produced in a very intimate and personal environment, with a combination of electronic and acoustic sounds of Piano, Wurlitzer and Synthesiser, plus a string quartet, similar to the music heard on his previous improvisational solo piano work “One Day” released in 2016. “Treasuring a serene feeling and an intimate conversation with oneself” is the main concept of his new work, which recalls a vivid emotions, as music goes into one’s body and feels a blood flow deep into a heart. As indicated in the title, an entire album is filled with an obscure darkness and a world of misty sounds ever to be feared of, like a comfortable quietness in the dark where a child in the womb is hearing mother’s heartbeat. As the music goes on, it gradually begin to widen an introspective worldview. The combined sounds of repeated phrases as seen in minimal music method, a sophisticated crossover sound in between acoustics and electronics, and an improvisational solo piano will present the worldview suggestive of a broad theme, such as a circulation of life or the law of nature. The highlights of the album “In The Dark Woods” and its variations “Letter From A Distance” will leave the listeners with deep emotions and afterglow, as one sees a glimpse of a path beyond the darkness found in inner deep woods after an inward conversation. Tracklist 01. DNA 02. Resonance 03. Between The Trees 04. Sphere 05. Kaleidoscope Of Happiness 06. Inside River #1 07. Inside River #2 08. Shadow 09. Dedicated To Laura Palmer 10. Moving 11. Snowy Sky 12. Spark 13. Innocence 14. The Cycle Of Nature 15. Stillness Of The Holy Place 16. In The Dark Woods 17. Letter From A Distance

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