• active minds The Age of Mass Distraction (LP, £12.75)

    ACTIVE MINDS have been key members of the underground UK hardcore punk scene for over three decades. Since first appearing in the mid- 80ís the band have had numerous releases and sold tens of thousands of records, as well as touring extensively throughout Europe, North America and Japan. Their early raw sound has been augmented these days by more melodic and diverse elements, with this, their latest release, including elements of folk metal, grindcore, d-beat and melodic hardcore alongside the usual anarcho-punk. As always, ACTIVE MINDS maintain a strict DIY ethos and the political lyrics and attitude that have stayed with them throughout the decades. TRACKLIST 1. The Seeker 2. Complete And Utter Indifference 3. Climate Sceptics 4. Over To You, Genius 5. The Triumph Of The Till 6. Swimming Against The Tide 7. Wouldnít It Be Better To Just Ignore These Fools? 8. Corporate Dream 9. Side By Side 10. The Midas Touch 11. I Donít Want To Follow You On Twitter 12. No Need To Mourn The Death Of The Empire 13. How Much Did Your Face Cost 14. Itís Not Rocket Science 15. The True Theory Of Relativity

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