• fabriclive 94: midland  (CD, £10.25)

    label: Fabric

    The tale that describes Midland’s rise from avid fan to headlining Room 1 at fabric may seem unreal but is actually a testament to an unequivocal vision and simple hard work. Working in kitchens to buy DJ equipment, graveyard radio slots, and relentless gigs during university years gradually gave way to a break with Dillinja’s Valve Soundsystem show in the early 2000’s.  Including his own solo projects, previous Midland releases include collaborations with Ramadanman, Pariah, and Bicep as well as some solid output on his own imprints, Graded and ReGraded.  FABRICLIVE 94 mix is an ode to club culture – it captures a night out, from the moments of familiarisation to new surroundings, to clarity and euphoria, and closing with ambient moments at sunrise.

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