• byron westbrook Body Consonance (LP, £19.50)

    label: Hands In The Dark Records

    Byron Westbrook is an artist and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. He has been performing and showing experimental sound work internationally for almost a decade now. Body Consonance is the follow up to Precipice, Westbrook’s critically acclaimed debut LP from 2015 released on Root Strata. Taking a turn towards greater immediacy, this new album is far from “ambient” with ecstatic abstract rhythm as its anchor. An artist who also operates in visual contexts, Westbrook utilizes binaural qualities of the stereo listening format to sculpt three-dimensional sounds in perpetual motion, producing works that are both pointillistic and psychedelic. Body Consonance is a meditation on physicality, a virtuosic choreography of sonic textures, colours and shapes woven together; Bodies in motion, conversing, orbiting, colliding. Tracks: 01. Dance in Free Fall 02. What We Mean When We Say Body Language 03. Levitation Game 04. Ritual Geometry _ Sympathetic Bodies 04. Fireworks Choreography. Limited edition of 400 copies.

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