• misty coast Misty Coast (splatter vinyl LP, £15.95)

    label: Club AC30

    Blue & black splatter on transparent blue vinyl. Hailing from the foggy Southwestern city of Bergen, Norway - where mountains and ocean collide - Misty Coast release their first full length So-Cal tinged, minimalist psych-pop offering into the ether. Comprised of The Megaphonic Thrift members Linn Frøkedal & Richard Myklebust, the duo's music exists in an ethereal and twinkling dream world, drifting in slow motion through an ethereal haze. From the swirling, fuzzed-out sounds of 'Funny World', through upbeat and sunshine kissed 'Leap Year' to the distant and eerie 'Heavy Head On A Body' the album wraps the listener in a lush cloak, navigating a floating world of suspended melodies and lo-fi sensibilities. Using their minimalist approach to music, the duo bring a set of alien eyes to the world, inhabiting a place where the simple meets the bizarre, and the grim becomes the beautiful. The album was crafted during a series of late night studio sessions where the pair drank a lot of red wine, listened to the rain outside and jammed on instruments they don't normally play. "These lo-fi recording sessions went on in our apartment in Bergen, where we recorded most of the stuff on really low volume to not bother our neighbours in the middle of the night."

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