• air africa  (LP, £21.50)

    A deep exploration of the vast archives of all across Africa for a series of selections of Dynamite fusions that barely have been assembled together previously such as Soul, Jerk, Psych, Beat, Garage and others. All cuts reissued for the first time. TRACKLIST 1. Orchestre African Fiesta - Save Me (Congo) 2. Sunbust - Let´s Live Together (Tanzania) 3. Gee Dees - Amina (Ghana) 4. Sax Wary and Orchestre - L'Amour au prix de L'Argent (Benin) 5. Les Kilts - Jerk Bastos (Cameroun) 6. Kante Manfla - Air Afrique (Guinée Conakry) 7. François Lougah - Pecoussa (Côte D´Ivoire) 8. The Rwenzori´s - E Wara (Partie 2) (Ouganda) 9. Bongi & Nelson - I Was So Glad (Afrique du Sud) 10. Verckys et Son Ensemble - Tell Maman (Congo) 11. Docteur Nico & The Orchestre - Sookie (Congo) 12. Kalle et L'African Team - Mi Nuevo Boogaloo (Congo) 13. Uta Bella - Ziliyankiyan (Congo) 14. H.C. Clementophe - Pour Mieux Vivre (Benin)

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