• r. missing Unsummering (LP, £12.50)

    label: Talitres

    R. Missing is the enigmatic music project of New York based vocalist Sharon Shy and musician Toppy… previously known as The Ropes. Unsummering, the first release under their new moniker R. Missing, expands on The Ropes' previous palette of Morrissey tinged lyrics and darkwave, but manages to be even more isolated lyrically than their famously nihilistic previous work, fully embracing complete detachment. Musically, fraught guitar and synth textures paint an image of an unstable world, held together only by tightly quantified electronic drum beats. :Mysterious darkwave entity R. Missing is making a case for shadowy alternative music that is infused with hazily deadpan female vocals, gleaming electronics, crisp beats, and noir synthesiser diffusion" - The Big Take Over. "A hazy, danceable, synth-driven funeral march" - ABC News. With download.

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