• vessels The Great Distraction (digipak CD, £10.50)

    label: different

    Fourth studio album from Leeds quintet Vessels. ‘The Great Distraction’ is their most ambitious full length to date.  Features collaboration with The Flaming Lips on ‘Deflect The Light’, plus tracks with John Grant, Vincent Neff (Djano Django) and Harkin (Sky Larkin).  Where collaborations such as these embody the hallmark of a band pushing forward, it’s the unrelenting, hypnotic intensity of tracks like ‘Radiart’ and the fragmented, complex beauty of ‘Radio Decay’ that anchor Vessels’ essential evolution in core elements of their past.  While celebrated third album ‘Dilate’ was characterised by a definitive electronic shift, ‘The Great Distraction’ is about much more than a desire to go four-to-the-floor.

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