• hackensack The Final Shunt (digipak CD, £8.95)

    label: Audio Archives

    Famous for their high-energy live work of the early 70s, Hackensack are back with a blistering new studio album, the first since ‘Up The Hard Way’ and one that no self-respecting fan of classic, hard-driving blues-rock should miss. ‘The Final Shunt’ reunites founder members Nicky Moore, whose snarling, abrasive vocals are renowned worldwide and Stu Mills, who thumps out a slew of pulverising bass lines to perfection. Called up for duty on lead guitar is Nicky’s garrulous son Timmy, bursting with infectious energy and talent – no mere gate-crasher - bringing a fresh and tantalising new edge to Hackensack’s direct and immediate sound. From the opening bars of ‘Rock & Roll Woman’ the axeman’s choppy, resounding riffs pump revitalising new blood throughout the arteries of this former stage favourite, leaving you breathless, baying for more. With the relentlessly catchy ‘Tomorrow’ following fast on the heels, one is left in no doubt about the seriousness of this comeback album. What the reformed band have conjured up on ‘The Final Shunt’ is an uncompromising mix of ‘old classics’, given a welcome new lease of life, re-workings of the Island single ‘River Boat’ and ‘Movin’ On’, underscored by some newer songs of which ‘Play Dirty’ showcases Nicky’s true song writing prowess. As the front cover denotes, get out of the way if you don’t like it ‘eavy – coz ‘The Final Shunt’ will knock you dead.

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