• king gizzard & the lizard wizard with mild high club Sketches of Brunswick East (CD, £10.50)

    label: heavenly

    Just when you think you have King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard sussed they throw a curveball - in the wake of two albums released in 2017, including most recently the dystopian end-times concept album ‘Murder Of The Universe’, which tackled in no uncertain terms the rise of robots and the downfall of mankind, comes ‘Sketches Of Brunswick East’, an entirely altered beast.  Australia’s finest and most productive rock band have done this before, of course: while the world was still reeling from their 2014 breakthrough psych-punk masterpiece ‘I’m In Your Mind Fuzz’ (2014) they casually released 2015’s expectation-confounding ‘Paper Mache Dream Balloon’ (2015), a pastoral, sun-drenched acid-folk album.  ‘Sketches Of Brunswick East’ is a collaboration between King Gizzard and Mild High Club, the Los Angeles based tripster troupe signed to Stones Throw Records and led by Alex Brettin - the two bands formed a strong friendship touring together throughout the USA, Europe and Australia.  Recorded at the band’s own Flightless HQ in East Brunswick, Melbourne Australia earlier in 2017 and mixed at Stones Throw studios in LA it’s the third of five projected albums to be released this year.  “We were listening to compilations of Ethiopian music form the 1960s and 70s a lot,” explained Stu Mackenzie about the making of the record. “It was in no way thought-out though. If ‘Murder Of The Universe’ was our most conceptual and arranged album - then ‘Sketches...’ is the exact opposite.”  The title could be perceived as both a knowing nod towards Miles Davis’s ‘Sketches Of Spain’ and the sketchy on-the-hop, improvised nature of its creation by these gnarly and feral Aussie dudes. It also sees the band further exploring the Tropicalia element only ever previously hinted at. Stu explains that a change of pace and tempo was necessary after “a concurrent period of productivity, a ball of energy and ideas.”

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