• giuliano sorgini The Living Dead At the Manchester Morgue (180g vinyl LP, £24.95)

    label: Death Waltz Recording Co.

    Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present a much needed re-press of The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue featuring updated and expanded artwork by Luke Insect. Jorge Grau directed this classic zombie film in 1974, predating Dario Argentoís SUSPIRIA by three years and you canít help but think Goblin were inspired by Giuliano Sorginiís score to Manchester Morgue when recording the Argento classic. Giuliano Sorgini fills his score with psych driven breaks, lush strings, pulsing electronics and terrifying wailing screams (provided buy the director himself) itís a truly original score that sounds as fresh today as it did in 1974. An edition of 400 with all new art by Luke Insect. Housed inside a 425gsm gloss varnished gatefold jacket. TRACKLISTING: A1 John Dalton Street A2 Surreal A3 Trance A4 Strait Jacket A5 The Risen Dead A6 Aggression A7 The Death Of The Dead B1 The Torment Of The Dead B2 Mysterious Country B3 Southgate Hospital B4 The Living Dead B5 Drowned Guthrie B6 Edna B7 George B8 Manchester M2 6LD

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