• spotlights Seismic (red vinyl double LP, £25.50)

    label: ipecac

    Spotlights, the Brooklyn-based husband and wife outfit of Mario and Sarah Quintero, release their Ipecac Recordings’ debut, ‘Seismic’.  “Seismic came out of a reaction to the current state of humanity and the inevitable consequences we will have on this earth and ourselves,” explains Mario. “There's an odd sense of beauty that comes with destruction, and we tried to capture that musically on this album.”  ‘Seismic’ was produced by Aaron Harris (Isis/Palms) and recorded last Spring in Los Angeles.  Spotlights’ previous release, ‘Tidals’, earned the band a wide sweep of accolades, including the San Diego Reader who dubbed their music “slow-core heaviosity (think Hum, Melvins, My Bloody Valentine)”.  Clrvynt described the band’s music as “ultra-dense dream-rock” while Brooklyn Vegan deemed the pair “sludgegazers”.  The word-of-mouth about the intoxicating album led to the band being handpicked to join Deftones and Refused for their Summer 2016 tour. In gatefold packaging.

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