• dennis coffey Evolution... Plus (CD, £12.50)

    Iconic debut album from Dennis Coffey, who as a producer, arranger and session guitarist was one of the architects of the Detroit soul sound and that city’s vibrant studio scene. “Evolution” perfectly showcases Coffey’s signature fuzzy, funky style and spawned the break beat monster, “Scorpio” – one of the truly elemental samples utilised endlessly throughout Hip Hop history. Essential! 1. Getting It On 2. Whole Lot Of Love 3. Summer Time Girl 4. Scorpio 5. Garden Of The Moon 6. Impressions Of 7. Sad Angel 8. Big City Funk 9. Wind Song 10. Good Time Rhythm And Blues. Bonus Tracks : 11. Son Of Scorpio 12. Can You Feel It 13. Theme From Enter The Dragon 14. Chicano 15. Lonely Moon Child 16. Ride Sally Ride 17. Taurus 18. Capricorn’s Thing 19. Love Song For Libra 20. Guitar Big Band 21. Outrageous (Mind Excursion)

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