• erik voeks So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away (CD, £8.25)

    label: Hanky Panky Records

    Though he only just released a few singles (on legendary indie labels Bus Stop & Parasol), and the classic 1993 album "Sandbox" (recorded with a cast of friends that included Adam Schmitt, Patrick Hawley, Jay Bennett, Steve Scariano and Nick Rudd), Erik Voeks's music has resonated deep with a small but dedicated group of powerpop aficionados throughout the world. "Lost treasure", "hidden gem" are expressions often used to describe "Sandbox", which was rereleased digitally in 2013. For years he kept a low profile, but he never gave up music recording home demos, playing with a few friends as The Octopus Frontier, or even touring in the U.S. and Europe with Jon Dee Graham. In late 2012 Spring Records released on vinyl a 4-song EP titled "Free Range", that received rave reviews. Since then Erik has kept himself busy putting out more new recordings through his bandcamp page, playing shows and touring Spain a couple of times. "So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away" gathers a series of digital only singles Erik released monthly in 2017 (from April to September), and two new recordings. Thirteen new songs of pure unadulterated POP. Every bit as good as good, if not better, as his much remembered and revered "Sandbox". TRACK LISTING 1. GML2C 2. She Loved Her Jangle Pop 3. Delivering Rocks 4. Being In Love With You 5. Your Condition 6. Grey Rain Town 7. Tired Of Feeliní Alone 8. She Was Doomed 9. Mondrian 10. Remember You 11. Reasons 12. Blue Water 13. Ending Of The Ending

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